Our Services

Advocacy Work
Staff at The Pakistan Society can:
  • Assist you with completing forms.
  • Write letters on your behalf.
  • Make telephone calls on your behalf.
  • Offer ongoing support throughout your case.

Advice and Information Centre
What kind of Advice?

We can help you to find out exactly what benefits you are entitled to, and assist you in your application. We can communicate with the Benefits Agency on your behalf.

Whether you are applying for a passport, a visa for British Nationality, Naturalisation, Work Permits, we are experienced in assisting with the completion of application forms and dealing with all kinds of Immigration enquiries. We have regular contact with the Immigration Nationality Directorate at the Home Office.

Racial Issues
The Pakistan Society have a Racial Incident Reporting Centre, where our staff can liaise with the Police on behalf of victims of any kind of racial incident, carried out in complete confidence - we will not give your name to the Police.

Find out about studying English as a Second Language at a level that suits your needs. We can help your children to access a school of your choice. Find out about the variety of courses at Colleges, and Further Education establishments, or what entrance requirements you need in order to gain access to University. We have a range of college and university prospectuses at our office, and we can order whichever prospectus you wish to obtain.

We have a dedicated computer training room, which our members can access free-of-charge either informally or as part of weekly classes with a tutor. We currently have a men's class on a Thursday Evening at 7pm and a women's class on Wednesdays at 12pm, and a girls class (for ages 11 - 16 - please call us to find out the current timings). The Pakistan Society have access to the World-Wide Web, and we can access information from around the world on your behalf.

We have a range of leaflets about health concerns and healthy lifestyles and many of them are in community languages. We are a member of Lothian Health Library & Resource Centre, and can access information for you on any health related topic, in a community language. We have regular short-term projects on health issues, for example, the Cardiac and Heart Diseases group, a pilot project for elderly people and Women's Health seminars. This is an area where we strive to keep up to date with new health advice or information.

We are currently in communication with Edinburgh City Council, Social Work Department to develop a drop-in centre for elderly members of ethnic minorities to socialise, eat together and to enable elderly people to access health information and attend keep-fit classes.

We can find out what rights you have, and negotiate with your creditors on your behalf. In cases of debt problems, the worst thing to do is nothing, responding to you creditor can help greatly to alleviate the urgency or the debt problem.

We are happy to help you with any housing concerns, such as applying for Council Housing, problems with landlords, neighbours, repairs, rent arrears, eviction etc. We have application forms for Council Housing by Edinburgh City Council as well as other housing associations in Edinburgh who provide affordable, rented accommodation.

We have organised sports clubs for football, cricket and badminton. There is a new a new multicultural club for girls aged 12 - 15 years, with participation in creative arts, filmmaking, music and dance. This is facilitated by two female youth workers, one of whom is Muslim, and therefore sensitivity and consideration is provided to girls who are from a Muslim family.
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