About Us

The Pakistan Society was established in 1983. In 1999 the Society moved to St Leonard's Street to open an Advice and Information Centre, which has provided a service not only to the Pakistani Community, but the diverse ethnic minority communities in the Edinburgh area, whilst welcoming mainstream citizens to make use of our provision.
Thanks to National Lottery Funding, three part-time staff were appointed to staff the Advice and Information Centre for three years. Staff and the Management Committee have further developed the Society's services, and the centre has increased it's capacity and level of service. In addition to offering information and advice, the Society helps a number of organisations and provides resources for the ethnic community, by way of youth clubs, women's groups, computer classes and sports clubs.

Racial Incident Reporting Centre
The Racial Incident Reporting Centre was set-up in collaboration with Lothian and Borders Police, as part of the recommendations of the Government's McPherson Report into race relations within the police departments and ethnic minority communities.
Victims of any kind of racial discrimination, abuse or violence, can come to the Pakistan Society and, in complete confidence, can report the incident. Pakistan Society Staff will then liaise with the Police behalf of the victim. We hope that this provision may serve to better monitor racial incidents, and to provide a link between the ethnic minority communities and the Police.
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